Earth Sheltered Timeline: 2015

Probably not the schedule of how we would like it to go, but rather a condensed record of what happened each month.

2015-01-17_Signs&FenceJanuary: Even with the frozen ground, I tried moving dirt around to fill in around the main floor footings.  I made some progress, but also decided that time would be more efficiency spent on other things.  We also did other odd jobs like putting up some construction fencing.

February: I put the stairs in for the basement and attended “Fox Blocks” training.


March: We put up the steel skeleton for the central tower.

MichaelDigsApril: I began to gear up for spring by ordering the steel arches for the rest of the build.  We also excavated the footings for the bedroom wing so we could begin to erect those arches as soon as they were ready.  I also fixed my generator.

May: This was a busy month.  I started by making the first pair of concrete ribs.  Then we got to the very difficult job of clearing the shotcrete slag out of the basement. Once that was clear, we could lay the radiant pex pipe and pour the basement floor.

Pouring concrete over the radiant pex pipe

Pouring concrete over the radiant pex pipe

June: The most visible job was putting up Fox Blocks for the back of the garage, but there was also a lot of behind the scenes prep for other things.

July: Then we got cracking on Phases 1 and phase 2 of the steel frame for the bedroom.

August: Then

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