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The day after shotcrete on the perimeter walls, we got started on prepping the steel arches and setting them up for another round of shotcrete.  This particular apse is special because it will eventually be my office (where I will spend most of my waking hours), and because it needs to be in (along with its retaining wall) before we can bury the garage side of the house. The work was all pretty simple compared to the bedrooms, and I didn’t take much time to stop and take pics, so this post should be short.  But first, the video…

The video:

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An apse is the semi-circular end of a vault. They are pretty common in earth sheltered homes because they can hold a lot of load, but usually, they are at the back, completely buried.  I put mine up front and included a window.  Hopefully, it turns out to be a good idea.  This apse will also be my office, and I spend a lot of the time on video conference calls, so hopefully, the acoustics are OK.  At least my head will be near the window and not near the acoustic focus point.

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